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Who Are Those Guys: News Interview - April 17, 2010 has a video of the Blues Fest featuring yours truly, WATG. Our very own Doug Attridge and Lindsay Reeve are interviewed. Very Cool!! Here's the link -

JD Creative Photography - April 17, 2010

If you missed the2009 Riverhead Blues Festival, here are some great photos taken by Jeff and Diane of JD Creative Photography. Follow the link for to the WATG gallery. While you're there check out their other fine photography.

Film placements - April 17, 2010

"If You Ain't Got The Money" has  been placed in the two films.  "Dear Mr Gacy" is a new film from the producers of the Academy Award winning film "Monster". It is due for release in Spring 2010. Don't you just love John Wayne movies.  "The Last Harbor"  starring Wade Williams of the TV series "Prison Break" is also due for release in 2010. This is the same song that was placed in the CBS TV series "Without A Trace".

New Releases - April 17, 2010

NEW RELEASES - "Zihuatenajo" and "Praying For The Rain" are now available for download at i-Tunes and  Give them a listen....

Another new release on is "Staggered Formation". Check it out....

Dear Mr Gacy clip featuring "If You Ain't Got The Money" - April 17, 2010

Here's the clip from the "Dear Mr. Gacy" film featuring WATG song "If You Ain't Got The Money"

Praying For The Rain video - April 17, 2010

Here's a live video of our new song "Praying For The Rain". Just follow the link.... 

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